The Instagram Bug

Love it or hate it; we’re stuck with it. We’re all addicted to this simple app that refuses to stop changing. If like me you probably joined back in the early days when it started to take off & now it feels like your life has been documented in tiny snippet picture posts. I’m not going to lie & say I hate it because I don’t & it’s been such a useful tool to me over the years. On the other hand I think we’re all slowly getting tired of the pointless updates.

Remember back in the day when all apps where run separately & did their own thing? Now we’ve got companies taking over everywhere, which enviably means they tweak apps to suit their style. I have to admit I wish they would stop combining & just enjoy the competition. I use all my apps for seperate reasons & if you’re like me there’s no need for them all to be merging into the same thing. I’ve got Facebook for personal use, which means I have it to connect with people I know without actually making any effort to connect. Snapchat for the selfie filters. Then I use Instagram & Twitter mainly for blogging & of course nattering on.

Back to Instagram; we’ve all seen it change from the basic picture posting site with a simple chronological theme to what it is now. Now our feed is based on popularity so unless you already have a following it kind of sucks to get seen & there’s tonnes of features. I don’t mind the features to be honest & I’ve attempted a business page as well as using the stories option. Users now have methods to getting seen; we’ve got people buying followers, bots all over the place & follow/unfollow accounts. Instagram is now something you have to put a lot more thought in that just post your daily antics & a cheeky selfie.

So what have I done to try & out smart the algorithm? Firstly I’m trying to keep my feed as clean as possible, keeping it specific as I can. I don’t have a theme because I’m just not keen on following one style but I use my camera for most of my images just to boost the quality & I try to make my images suit each other. I also use specific hashtags that go with each image, I don’t use the same all the time which can lead you to be shadow-banned (as if we needed another complication) but I have a list of different ones that help boost my reach. I’ve also joined insta-pods which are just a group of users who support each other with engagement. I’ve joined two like pods & create one like/comment pod. It’s pretty simple you just pop a message when you make a new post & then the members engage on that post. It has helped boost my posts & I’ve gained a reasonable amount of followers since.

All in all I’m trying to up my own engagement by engaging on other people’s post & just being an active member but to actually know if it’s really helping is a mystery. With all the updates & the issues I don’t think any of us are really sure what we are doing or what will really help gain an audience. I’m happy with my small following & how my feed looks which I think is the most important thing. I don’t think any of us should get stuck on the amount of followers we have but focus on if we enjoy using the app at hand.

Shelley xx

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