The Ordinary; The Affordable Products That Transformed My Skin

The Ordinary; The Affordable Products That Transformed My Skin - Peeling solution, 100% plant derived squalene, hylauronic acid & multi-peptide serum

After using the Ordinary products for the best part off 2018 I wanted to share my review of the mini collection I have collected. Their range was one of those no nonsense brands that laid all the information out for you & let you pick what works you. I was a little wary at first because I’m not a skincare expert but after reading a bunch of reviews & speaking to their staff I found products that have been working wonders for my skin.

The Ordinary; The Affordable Products That Transformed My Skin - serum foundation & high-spreadability fluid primer

What is the Ordinary?

Like I said above the ordinary is no nonsense company which provides you with the full information on each of their products. If you take a look at their website, they provide you with detailed ingredient list & skincare routines to fit your problems. It is a little daunting because we’re used to being advertised skincare in a less informative way. Usually its a shiny advert for a wonder product for X problem but the ordinary aren’t like that. They’ve made their products sell themselves.

It does mean you have to do a little research to work out what products would work best for you so I read tonnes of reviews online & decided to just pop into the covent garden store & ask for advice. Since I was a little late to the game on the old skincare front I didn’t want to use acids on my face that I wasn’t sure of so asking for advice was the best option.

The store is super busy on weekends so if you can go on a weekday do otherwise be prepared to wait a good while.

The Ordinary; The Affordable Products That Transformed My Skin - Peeling solution, 100% plant derived squalene, hylauronic acid & multi-peptide serum

Skincare products I’ve tested

I’ve built myself quite a fab little collection of their skincare products so here’s a mini review on each one to give you the lowdown on what I’ve used on my combination skin.

Peeling solution – This is one of my holy grail products because it works wonders but you don’t have to use it regularly. They actually advise you not to use it often because at the end of the day it is an acid peel & you don’t want to burn your face. This is the product that made me want to try the ordinary & I was so keen to get it. It’s bright red so does look a little scary & it’s quite a messy product so avoid white when using. I wouldn’t say it’s the easiest to apply but once its on it works immediately. You feel a slight tinkle/burning sensation which means its working & you leave it on for 10 minutes then rinse it off. It leaves your skin feeling super smooth & fresh. It pretty much gives you a fresh slate to work with. It does leave you a little red & sensitive so that’s something to be aware of.

Squalane – This was the moisturisers of choice for me. I like that it’s 100% plant derived because it all natural. Squalene is naturally found on the skin so it means the product replicates the natural oils we produce. I always like products that work with our natural processes. My skin really likes this product & it definitely helps deal with my dry patches.

Hyaluronic acid – This is a product that comes highly recommend everywhere & was actually recommended to me by their team. It’s a moisturiser that has had a lot of research put into it because it’s made up of lots of different size molecules. Okay I don’t understand it & I’m you guys don’t either but it basically moisturises your skin without drawing your natural moisture to the skin meaning you become dry in the long run. I do like this product but I still tend to reach for the squalane.

Haircare products I’ve tested

They’ve started to develop hair products to so when I saw this in store I thought why not? The multi-peptide serum is meant to help produce thicker & fuller hair which I desperately need. I have to admit I haven’t used it that much because I find wet products make my hair feel greasy. You apply it to your scalp at bedtime & let it work it’s magic. I haven’t seen any proper results from it but that may be due to how I’ve used it less regularly than needed.

The Ordinary; The Affordable Products That Transformed My Skin - close up of serum foundations & high-spreadability fluid primer

Beauty products I’ve tested

The ordinary have also branched out to beauty products which I am pleasantly surprised at. They have become such a key part of my makeup routine.

Fluid primer – This was the first product I tried & my friend purchased it for me with her order. I was using Kat von D’s foundation at the time & really needed a primer to help apply it. I opted for the spreadability option because I tend to use full coverage foundations. This works magic! It does have a very silicone feel to it but it apply really easily & creates a fabulous base for foundation.

Serum foundation – This was the first lightweight foundation I had tried & I opted for it because I read reviews that said this was the best out of their range. I don’t usually opt for light coverage because I worry about my skin but since using better skincare I don’t really need the heavier coverage. I am in love with this foundation! It’s quite a runny foundation but a little does go along way. I find it really easy to build up coverage & it just flatters my skin really well. I got two colours to mix; 1.1N & 1.2N.

The Ordinary; The Affordable Products That Transformed My Skin - Peeling solution, 100% plant derived squalene, hylauronic acid & multi-peptide serum

I feel like my collection will always be growing because the products work wonders & they are so affordable. I can’t see myself changing the foundation because it’s worked so well for my skin. I feel like this review has been singing a lot of praises for this brand but it’s all true. I haven’t found a single fault with the products that have made me question if I’d use them again.

If you’re looking for a skincare range that you can really sculpt a routine around I think this for you. I just love how accessible they are to everyone. Plus you should really try the foundations because it doesn’t disappoint!

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Shelley xx

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