The Pressure Of Feeling Organised

The pressure of feeling organised- happiness planner, pen & trinkets flatlay

I know last year I made a post about becoming more organised with my 52 week planner & well I’m attempting the same this year round. I was gifted a happiness planner which you’ve already seen & I’m also going to give bullet journalling a go. I’m pretty determined to get on top of tasks.

Toward the latter end of 2017 I actually got myself to a place where I was pretty organised or at least I felt pretty organised. That is probably due to having more time to actually get stuff done but I was also feeling really motivated.

The thing is I really don’t know if I’m being organised to get stuff done or I’m being organised for peace of mind. Am I just doing it for the sake of feeling organised?

The pressure of feeling organised- happiness planner, pen & trinkets flatlay

We all know in life that being organised is meant to keep you flowing; you have everything planned out & then it’s just implementing it one by one. I know myself that when I spend a bit of time getting organised; may that be writing a list or just having a whip around tidying that I feel a bit calmer.

On the other hand the real question is; am I actually implementing my plans?

I don’t know if I really do. Sometimes a plan works out brilliantly for me as it really makes doing things simpler but other times I’m just sat joting things down, constructing ideas & then they never go anywhere.

I do this with my life constantly if I’m really being honest here. I’m sure we all do. I can’t be the only one, well I bloody hope not anyway. We all make plans in our head of how we want the year to go; what we want to do & what we want to achieve & that’s great but how many plans do we make without following them?

The pressure of feeling organised- happiness planner, pen & trinkets flatlay

I am a sucker for this! Jacob & I have kinda made our 1 year plan together. Mainly because we have to start thinking seriously & partly because we want to do so many things. All we know right now is that by September we want to move out; be that renting or buying. I really want to head back to Wales but that’s a decision we need to look at when the time comes.

That’s one plan we’ve got that we will be sticking to & we’re being pretty organised with it. We’re both saving & we’re achieving our goals. On the other hand we want to travel & we’ve made a plan of when we buy a house what our next steps are. As much as it feels great to have those plans I am definitely one of those people to get all in the mood to have a plan but then stuff changes. Sometimes that’s just me & those goes for the smaller things too.

The pressure of feeling organised happiness planner, pen & trinkets flatlay

I feel like I am pretty organised when it comes to blogging & this year I was pumped to keep that up. January came around & I was fab at it. I had used my happiness planner, I started my bullet journal & well my content was really well thought out. Then February hit & I wasn’t really feeling all the organisation. You know what guys.. it wasn’t the end of the world! 

Even though I wasn’t doing the generic planning that comes with being organised I was just going with the flow & I felt good. I sometimes really feel like I put myself under pressure to keep up my journals & lists & well bloody everything! Turns out I was doing fine & now I’ve had a little time to myself I’ve been using my bullet journal again.

I actually love it; I feel great when I’ve sorted out my monthly content in my bullet journal & it’s one of the only times that I’m guarantee to implement it. I guess this is one aspect of my life that works when it comes to being organised but for the rest of it I’m not too sure.

I’m going to let go off the pressure of feeling organised at all times & just go with the flow. I’m definitely going to keep bullet journalling for ByBusby but as for the rest of my life I think I’m going to leave it to happen naturally. It’s time for me to accept that I’m not always going to be the most organised person & I really don’t need to be.

Shelley xx

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