The Self Care Overhaul

I’m turning 24 this year & even though I may still get ID’d I think it’s time to crack down on my self care routine. I am completely rubbish with skin care mainly because I’m lazy & that has to change. Luckily I haven’t got the worst skin but I’m not blessed with blemish free skin so it’s time to take care of it for once. Plus over the past few weeks I’ve been purchasing bits & bobs which I thought I’ll do a little haul with.  

I’m actually pretty good with my hair care just because I’ve worked in salons so I know a few tricks to keep my hair looking good. On the other hand I hate washing my hair tonnes but I have a greasy hair type so it’s a constant battle. I’m attempting to wash it a few times a week to train it into behaving hence the dry shampoo. It’s currently feeling a little empty so that’ll need replacing but luckily I’ve also got my styling powder which works the exact same!! I also thought why not try these shampoos; can’t lie I liked the packaging & that drew me in. They are pretty good but can’t really say they have added much volume to my hair but if I do take the time to blow-dry it, there is a slight improvement. 

Time for face care; I do moisturise everyday which is partly because I use my moisturiser as a primer for my make-up but also because I know my eczema will flare up without it. As I’m writing this my skin is hating on me but I decided to grab “the greatest scrub of them all” which worked wonders last time. It’s great for getting rid of dry skin that just makes your make-up look poop. It’s cheap & handy for travelling to. I also thought I’d try the fab pore cream just to see if it’ll help mainly in my t-zone area. I haven’t seen drastic differences but it has made my skin a lot smoother so I try to use it after removing my make-up. I have to admit I’ve been sucked into the trend of micellar water which I’m happily surprised works wonders. It’s really great for removing your make-up & a little goes a long way. Just be carefully how much you apply around your eyes!! That stuff burns!!

Lastly some odd ones but I repurchased some bio-oil to help aid my scar healing. It worked well for me in the past with keloid scars so I have high hopes for it to help fade my surgery scars. It’s not a miracle worker but if you use it daily you can see gradual progress. I may be 24 but I have the joints of an old lady to I grabbed this handy cream. I am definitely someone to opt for a hot pain treatment over the cold & deep heat products have always worked for me. This is pretty handy as it comes with a sponge applicator so you don’t end up with heat cream all over your hands trying to apply it. Plus it fits in your handbag. 

I’m definitely at a stage where I’ve come to terms with the fact that skin care is needed in my routine so now I’ve got the products it’s just creating a routine that sticks!! Has anyone got any must have products I should try?

Shelley xx

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