The Small Joys Of January

my foot & jasper from above walking in snow

small joys of January - me holding stack on parcels

me holding covid jab book

new logo laid ontop of rainbow cloud

Hi lovelies. I know my blog can be a little heavy on times since I talk about my mental health so I wanted something to start a mini series to talk about the happier moments.

Y’no those small joys that make the bad days feel a little lighter & just remind you that life isn’t so bad?

Enough rambling from me & lets just dive in!

The small joys of January

I got a new job

Not that I was actively looking but I saw a job advert I liked the look of & went for it. A few days later I had two phone interviews & I was blooming successful.

It was lush cause I’m not so good in interviews. It was nice to know I was able to show my personality & my skill even across the phone. Plus it was a weight off my shoulders cause my current job hasn’t been the easiest.

It was just a very happy day!

Jasper has started singing

Ohh & happy dancing which is ridiculously cute. He just breaks my heart & fills me with pure joy.

It exciting watching him grow into himself & learn new things!

We finally got a snow day

About time too!

Everywhere else seemed to be getting snow bar us so when we woke up to a town full, it was glorious.

We had a lovely morning of exploring the snow & just crunching all the leaves under of feet.

Jasper was so happy & so was I. I’m hoping for another snow day soon.

I joined skill share

Maybe an odd one to add to the list but I’ve really enjoyed learning how to draw digitally.

Skill share just seemed like the best place to go to learn more & I just really like how its set up to benefit the artists.

I ended up signing up for a year so I can take it at my own pace & expand my skills.

Here’s my referral code.

I got new branding for Made by Busby

I hired the wonderful JJ from JJillustrates to expand my biz branding & she did a marvellous job.

I’ve now got it all sorted & it looks amazing. It just works perfectly for my biz & now I can create packaging easily!

I had time to myself 

Simple as that!

I took time off from work for my health & embraced days of nothing. It’s not something I’m good at but it truly made my feel great.

I’m slowly working on myself & my mental health but i’ll touch on that another time.

Just having the freedom to structure my days to make life a little easier has made my days more joyful.

I got my covid jab

Not that I was initially keen but after a more realistic think I decided to say yes to the jab & guess what? It wasn’t that bad!

I hate needles & I can’t lie I was worried thanks to all the rumours out there but I said yes when it was offered through work.

I felt very blessed to have it early & the side effects were easy to deal with.

All in all it was a good decision.

There’s a the small joys of joys of January that come to mind while writing this. I’m going to keep up with this mini series cause I think its a great way to reflect on my year.

I’d love to know one of your small joys of January too.

Shelley xx

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