There’s No Right Way To Celebrate

celebrate- light tunnelChristmas got me thinking; after answering one too many questions about the location of Jacob I started to think why are we so hung up on how we celebrate events? Yes he was at home in Wales with his family while I was with mine & maybe that is weird to some people but is it really that strange? I don’t think so & as much as I would have loved to spend it with him, our schedules just didn’t work out that way.celebrate- glowing orbs celebrate- bubble machine celebrate- greenhouseIt seems people have this notion of how you should celebrate certain events just like Christmas or your birthday & well not everyone conforms to that ideal. Now the festivities have settled down & we’re feeling the January blues it’s easy to look back & compare yourself to others. Not everyone had a big family Christmas full of presents & food, not everyone is that fortunate or even wants that. It’s okay to do things a little different to the norm & we shouldn’t feel the need to compare what we’ve done to others.

It leads on from big events to just our everyday lives. Don’t we all find ourselves comparing what we’re doing to what everyone else is? Its easy to get disheartened by your successes when you’re considering someone else’s & that needs to be left in 2017. I’m just as guilty as everyone else.celebrate- flowers celebrate - flower tree celebrate- light tunnelI found myself wallowing over Christmas; just scrolling through Insta or twitter, all people were banging on out is their big family day. How they were non stop stuffing their faces & enjoying their day with family. I on the other hand was nursing a huge hangover & had a cold brewing. Safe to say I didn’t stuff my face; I actually ate nothing & spent most my day spewing.. I know gross but true. 

It got me thinking about how Jacob & I were celebrating; we had this whole idea of doing our own Christmas like we had the year before but it was safe to say I wasn’t up to it. On his first day back we opened presents in the evening then spent the rest of our time off watching documentaries & TV. It was lush. 

It just goes to show that following traditions & getting yourself lost in worry of what everyone else is doing is pretty pointless. We all have to remember people only show the best bits on social media. Nobody is going to be tweeting about the big family argument everyone had before dinner or the fact they got some real shitty present from their aunt. It just a no go!celebrate - icicles celebrate - bubble machines celebrate - wishing treeWhen it came to New Years we said bugger it; we are not attempting a crappy night out with too many people or travelling into London to see fireworks we can see better on the telly. Obvs there’s nothing wrong with those options but I’m kind of bored of doing the same traditions.

Instead we booked Christmas at Kew & decided to spend our last day of 2017 exploring somewhere we loved. It was a lovely event & I got to play around with my camera. Shocker I actually used it on manual mode & played around with the settings .. Go me!! We may have been home a few hours later waiting on our curry to arrive while I watered my new cactus (it has a flower & everything) but it was fab.

We welcomed in 2018 with a movie & left over poppadoms. No big generic celebrations & y’no that I didn’t care what everyone else was doing I just focused on me. I think that’s something I want to carry with me throughout this year; to stop worrying if I’m living up to everyone’s expectations & instead just enjoy what I’m doing in the moment.celebrate - greenhousecelebrate - glowing orbsIf you are feeling a little miserable about your celebrations throughout the festive season just remember that along as you enjoyed them that’s all that matters. Even if you were nursing a hangover like me (it was so terrible) then it was a day off work to rest & we clearly had a fabulous Christmas Eve. It’s time to learn to celebrate in your own personal way rather than what society expects of you.

Shelley xx

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