This Bag Contains…

I know I made a similar post to this regarding my Sighh designs bag but I also wanted to a mini personal post. So here’s the little look into my Mary Poppins’ bag!! Just wait and see how much I manage to carry around with me on a daily basis!!

I’m not going to bore you with details but yes I work at Primark, and I’m surprisingly enjoying it. Yes I said that (what have I turned into??). I seem to crammed so much into this tiny bag. I’ve linked it in so many posts because it’s so handy. I’ve had to move on to a bigger bag now the winter’s here. Too many layers to store. I’ve also finally sorted out my passport hence the gazillion photos I had. Made way too many mistakes on my forms, but woo it’s here and ready for me to go to Turkey!!

Shelley xx

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