Time For A Change With Veganuary

A diet post in January.. how original but don’t worry I’m not hear to tell you to cut out the carbs & join the gym. Instead it’s time to discuss the perfect time to go vegan! Veganuary is back & if you’ve been debating making this change then now’s the time to get going.  Here’s a few reasons why you should give vegan a go.

veganuary flatlayIt’s for a great cause

You can’t deny that the vegan community has grown immensely throughout 2017 & there’s a reason behind that. People are beginning to wake up & realise that vegans aren’t eco warriors who want to shove their opinions down your throat. They’re people fighting for a cause by making changes to their own lives that can impact several things. Being vegan isn’t a fad & people are starting to notice that.

Going vegan means you impact several factors; your health, animal agriculture & global warming. Those are just a few that I can think of on the spot (remember I’m no expert!!). Which ever reason that resonates with you enough to make a change is great. I cut out animal products for my health & since then I’ve learnt much more. The more you delve into the community the more you realise what an impact you can really make.

Veganuary is a great support

I joined veganuary last year & even though it wasn’t till the end of the year I actually went vegan they’ve helped me immensely. The site is a great resource; just take a look at their starter kit. From social groups to recipes they’ve got you covered. Plus they email you throughout the month with support, motivation & tips!

I love love love their eating out section because that’s what scared me most. I honestly was terrified of being that customers that’s got to edit the meal & irritate the staff but veganuary have lists of meals that are tailored to vegans at different restaurants.

It’s the perfect resource for vegans throughout the year but in January they really make a big effort to help people transition so there’s no better time to sign up. veganuary flatlay

You try new things

Simple as; going vegan will open up your world to new experiences. May that be new recipes & delicious food to events you wouldn’t have thought of attending. You’ll meet new people & just learn so much more. I think that’s so important because nobody wants to be stagnant & stuck in their ways.

Going vegan makes you more open & you it will change your opinions! There’s so much to discover throughout your journey & trust me you’ll feel better for it. Your tastebuds will expand & you’ll discover so many new foods you’ll love. it’s actually a lot more inviting then you think so don’t be scared.

There’s no better time to try it

Finally there’s no better time to try this whole vegan thing. The world is changing & embracing vegans like never before. Supermarkets have tonnes of alternatives & most restaurants are creating vegan menus. There is no easier time to really give it a go because people are embracing it.

I can quite happily say the vegan community will embrace you & will be happy to help you along your way. Twitter is full of people ready to help & share their tips. There’s never been a time when resources are so accessible & I’m lucky that it has made my transition easier. veganuary flatlay

I’m really happy that Veganuary seems more popular than ever so I couldn’t not make a post about it. I’ve found my transition to be just that a transition. It hasn’t be straight forward & I am still learning & embracing this change. On the other hand I understand if people can’t make this change.

Going vegan isn’t for everybody so I hope this month doesn’t make you feel disheartened in anyway. Meat free Mondays are also a great alternative to slowly introduce this change so if a whole month of meat free seems a bit too scary then maybe give that a go instead.

I can’t wait to see my social feeds full of newbie vegans & I’m happy to help in any way I can so feel free to pop me a message if you need some advice. Let me know if you’ve signed up & why!

Shelley xx

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  • I really don’t think I could be vegan, but I love that this is something so many people try at this time of the year. Our household is eating less meat through the week, which I feel is at least a step in the right direction x

    • Of course; small changes are necessary to transition well. It’s only until you start that you realise you could be vegan

    • your health is definitely more important! Maybe you could look at foods that will help your condition that are plant based & add more into your diet. It could help you in the long run & gives you room to experiment. Vegan isn’t for everyone! x

  • I’m taking part in Veganuary for the third year running and what a difference it makes. Just over a week in and I’m way less bloated and feeling better in myself. It’s got me being a lot more creative with my cooking too. It can be a tough transition at first, but you’ll soon pick up on what your body needs and what foods are vegan! The Veganuary Facebook group is a huge help too. Good luck! x

    • I love when the bloating goes!! it just feels so nice. I’m trying to cook a new dish a week. ooh I’m going to join now thankyou!! x

  • I applaude anyone who is vegan because truth be told its one of the hardest things to be because not alot of places have a vegan option when it comes to food! How it goes well for you xx

  • This is the first time I’ve heard of Veganuary, and I think it’s a great idea. My sister and her husband are switching to a vegetarian diet for January and I’m intrigued to see all the different meals they come up with. And I completely agree with you that vegans aren’t the pushy people trying to shove their ideas down your throat that they’re often made out to be. Yes, there are people like this within the vegan community. But they’re also in every other community out there! Religious communities, parenting communities, you name it there are people like that in every one. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    • I think no matter what change you make; big or small it does make a difference. There’s no better or right way to go vegan or to lower your meat consumption. Exactly every community has those people!! xx