Time For Change

It’s safe to say I’m good at making excuses; I’m rather lazy & stuck in my ways so I’m not always great at making changes. However I have finally given myself a kick up the bottom & started moving towards a healthier. I’ve been watching multiple documentaries & educating myself on topics which have made me realise that I have to quit the excuses & put my health first. I’ve hit a point when I can’t continue to put of changing my lifestyle. Don’t panic I’m not here to lecture you; I’m just sharing my new outlook.

Dietary changes

This is the big one for me because for a good while I’ve wanted to transition meat out of my diet & widen my diet in general but I’ve continued to make up reasons why it wasn’t possible at this time. I kept telling myself that while I’m living at home it wouldn’t be feasible & it would be inconvenient for my family. Then again Jacob & I cook for ourselves for the majority of the time so it hasn’t been difficult in any way. If you haven’t already seen or heard about What the health on Netflix then it is definitely something you should check out. I’ve previously watched Cowspiracy & it really opened my eyes but What the health really made me think about my diet. I need to make changes; for my health, for the environment & to stop contributing to the cruelty that is inflicted within the farming industry. The documentaries are very informational rather than preachy so even as a meat eater they are easy to watch. I think even if you aren’t keen on changing your diet it’s great to educate yourself so you can make an informed decision. That’s what I’ve done & I’ve decided to cut out meat & dairy moving towards a vegan diet.

It’s a crazy move for me as I’m the person you’d least expect to become vegan but I’m happy to be making this change. I’m currently transitioning & educating myself as much as possible so I can do this in the healthiest way. I’ve cut out dairy; moving onto alternatives & I’m introducing more vegan meals to my routine. I haven’t transitioned completely but I’m no longer buying non-vegan foods so once we’ve used up our currently food it’ll be a much more focused diet. As you can see I’ve stocked up on some vitamins to help me on my journey. Luckily I’ve had tonnes of great advice from people around me & online so I’m excited to keep moving forward.

Cruelty Free

Alongside changing my diet I thought it was an obvious decision to change my beauty, hair & skin care collections too. I couldn’t justify not eating meat but using products tested on animals as I would just be adding to another form of cruelty. Luckily my make-up collection is made up of a lot of cruelty free products so there’s not a lot of to change. I obviously have quite a bit of Mac which I’ll be getting rid of (check out my depop if you wanna grab a bargain) but other than a few items I don’t have many alternates to search for. I’ve already moved from Estee Lauder to Kat Von D & the majority of my lip products are from Jeffree Star (I no longer purchase from his company for other reasons!!). I’m a bit daunted to find a new mascara as it took long enough to find a good one but we all the resources available it’ll be easy to do I’m sure. As for my other collections once I’ve just up my current items I’ll be looking for alternatives. For now I’m only cutting out companies who aren’t cruelty free verified but eventually I aim to cut out those with parent companies who test on animals too.

Other than my diet I’m trying to make healthier lifestyle choices like giving up smoking (yes I know its gross!!) & be a bit more active. I’m excited to keep moving forward with these choices & hopefully I can stick to it. I see no reasons to revert back to my old ways when it’ll benefit me so much more to continue. Luckily I have tonnes of support to aid my new lifestyle.

I thought I’d share some of the resources I’ve been using to help me. Netflix has some great documentaries & I’ll recommend watching the following; Cowspiracy, What the health, Vegucated, Okja & also Earthlings which can be found online. I’ve also made a “wishlist” on Amazon full of books other than the two featured (What the health // Whole) which you can find here. Of course Pinterest has soo many great pins to help you learn about nutrition but also tonnes of recipes. Finally here are a few bloggers I’ve recently followed who are inspiring me; Cattitude & Co, fitbyvegan, The zombie said, Not so quiet grrl, The V nice life & The little blog of vegan.

I’m going to stop rambling on & leave you with my resources. I hope you decide to explore some of the links I’ve shared so you can learn more about what’s inspired this change in me. I’m off to a vegan food festival soon which I’m very excited about so hopefully I can discover some new treats.

Shelley xx

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