Time For A Pamper || Soap & Glory Review

This is kind of a spare of a moment idea but trust me it’s not just a filler post. If you follow me on instagram (hello & thank you for trying to keep insta alive!!) then you would have experienced my glorious pamper morning on Friday. Those lucky few got to see me look oh so beautiful with a bright pink face mask on & since it did a fabulous job of helping my skin I thought it deserved a feature.

Scrub || Mask

This isn’t a very heavy photo post mainly due to the fact I dared to use my camera while in a rather deep bath. Sometimes I’m slightly too much of a dedicated blogger & I would not recommend it but needs must!! Any how onto the review which is rather glowing. I actually use the greatest scrub in most of my showers because my skin get really dry & it just removes all the dead skin that ruins your makeup. I also like using it before shaving my legs once in a while just to make them smoother. I have definitely found a staple in this scrub!!

Onto the face mask in question which is just something I picked up on a whim. In reality I didn’t have high hopes because I keep seeing all these blackhead masks that don’t really do much but I was pleasantly surprised. It removed junk out of my pores mainly around my nose area & it left my skin feeling smooth as can be!! I decided to go for an eye makeup only look for Friday since my face was feeling so great! The only downfalls are it is really messy to apply (you can see how runny it is) & it takes a bit too long to dry. I can’t bath for too long without getting bored so it’s not the easiest to add to your bath routine. Luckily once it is dry it does peel really easy & doesn’t hurt a bit.

All in all I would purchase both products again & I think you could get at least four masks out of that one packet so it is worth the price. If you are okay with having a bright pink face for half an hour then you’re good to go with this one. Plus if you go & buy both of these from Boots you’ll get a cheeky discount!! I honestly can’t believe a week today I’ll be getting on a plane; there’s so much to do beforehand ahh. Don’t worry ByBusy is all prepped & ready to keep entertaining (I hope) you while I’m exploring.

Shelley xx

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