The Toxic World Of Cancel Culture

The Toxic World Of Bandwagon & Cancel Culture - tattooed legs & arm in orange bathEvery so often I like to touch base with guys regarding current affairs. I don’t talk about every subject going but sometimes a topic in the media gets me thinking & wanting to write about it. Right now what’s bugging me is this new found cancel culture & how we all seem to jump on the bandwagon when it’s in the trending.

Recently the Jeremy Kyle show has been circulating because a contestant took their own life resulting in the show being cancelled. That’s the most simplified version so feel free to look into it further but what’s really got me thinking; is how the public have reacted. Pretty much everyone on twitter has this new found outlook that the show is terrible, that it exploits the lower class & it doesn’t consider the mental health of the contestants. Fair enough but how is this suddenly a thing? No one has cared about the show for the years its been on air but now one person has committed suicide & it’s in the news people are jumping on the bandwagon. It’s typical cancel culture.

We all give a shit when it suits us! When it can make you look good! We’re all guilty of watching the show at some point.. maybe even enjoying it. There’s an audience there for a reason & we contributed to the problem so can we really suddenly call for it to be cancelled?

People are now moving onto the love island bandwagon that emerged a little while ago. I have to be honest I’ve never watched the show, I tried but its not my thing so I can’t comment on the contents. It seems people are now worrying about how the show effects the mental health of the contestants because of the false sense of reality. It’s all curated for entertainment which we are all aware of but that doesn’t stop the “bad guys” being targeted online. God the people who have used the hashtags, followed the show, maybe even made a bitchy tweet about a person now think the show is terrible… well! You can’t share the push for cancellation if you aren’t willing to take responsibility for your contribution to the problem. Plus now this has kinda passed everyone is back to sharing the line up & looking forward to the new season……

Then you’ve got the James Charles & Tati drama. I will say it seems Tati isn’t here for the cancel culture but obviously she knows today’s industry & knew it wouldn’t be pleasant for James. There’s memes galore, people calling out for him to be cancelled & now people who were supporting him have jumped onto the opposite bandwagon. I’m not saying it’s not deserved but hey witch hunts are never good. Props to James Charles for creating a well thought response video to address all the negativity & rumours. I don’t know which side I believe more nor do I particular need to pick a side but it does go to show; jumping on the bandwagon is a swift judgement. There’s clearly two sides to every story & there’s also a lot of people who will chime in before all parties have said their piece. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was all a publicity stunt considering Jeffree Star’s new no drama video.

We live in a culture where we love seeing the drama, we watch the youtube videos, we create/share the memes, we watch the shows but then we happily jump ship & call for it to stop. Pick a side or accept you’re part of the problem. We’ve all contributed to something we probably regret. We learn, we grow & we change but this cancel culture is just bringing out our toxic selves. It’s less about our true opinion & more about joining the most favoured side. Hypocritical is the word for it.

Shelley xx

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