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I’m at that stage of the year when I’m jealous of all those people enjoying their holidays & those travelling. It’s super warm in the UK & i’m loving it but it’s not killing my travel bug. I’ve hit a stage of life where I want to let go of the reins & just go exploring. Obviously that’s not something you can do on a whim so I have plans in motion for that side of life but I thought I’d share a few places that I would love to visit.


To kick off with I thought it’s best to start with somewhere simple & close to home Since seeing a friend on twitter visit I’d loved to take a small trip to Denmark’s capital. It looks beautiful & has so many places you can explore, there’s different sightseeing tours on offer & is great on a budget. It just looks so picture perfect & interesting that i’m eager to explore. It’s definitely somewhere I want to tick of the list even if it’s just a long weekend. It’s somewhere we can book on a whim because it’s so cheap to fly over & stay so it’s definitely a place in reach for me.


Still in Europe; one place I would love to visit is Poland kicking off with Krakow. I have to admit I love history; i’m a bit of nerd & Krakow is steeped in history. It’s full of authentic structures &  of course is close to Auschwitz which is one place I would like to visit. I think it would be a perfect place for a short visit just to unwind & explore the culture of Poland. I would also like to visit Warsaw to at some point so as you can tell Poland is definitely on the list.


For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to visit Australia. I think a lot of people either want to travel Australia or America at some point & I’ve always leaned toward Australia. I’m not planning a year travelling like everyone on my Facebook feed seems to be doing but a good few weeks would do me well. The beaches look lush & it’s been on my travel wishlist since I was young.

The Maldives

Nobody can deny that they haven’t lusted over the Maldives at some point. Every time it pops up on my feed I just wanna jump on a plane & go live there. From the beautiful see to the underwater restaurants everything seems perfect. I think this is the place I have to reserve for a honeymoon or something as significant; it’s not exactly budget friendly but definitely somewhere I have to visit. If one more youtuber I follow makes a vlog I might take out a loan!!


Who can have a travel lust list without Orlando; there’s just so many things to do & places to explore. Of course I want to visit the wizarding world of Harry Potter because hey I love all things HP!! Plus I want to visit all the parks on offer that we all know & love. I think it’s just the perfect trip & I can’t wait to plan a time when we can just splurge!! I wish I was the kind of blogger to be gifted this trip so I can explore already.


Finally (as if this is the complete list pfft) Asia is definitely somewhere I want to spend time travelling around but I couldn’t bore you all with that long list. That plan is developing itself seperately so I picked one place I would like to add to that plan; Bali. From the views to the food I just want to explore everything. This picture perfect destination is somewhere I need to visit. There’s lots to do & who wouldn’t want to go snorkelling in the coral reefs or visit the monkey temples?

There’s so many places I want to visit; mainly Europe & Asia so I’ve given myself a good old budget plan. Here’s to saving to do some travelling!! I’m definitely taking a peak at different tours & such on offer to get the plans in motion. I can’t wait till September for this years holiday!! I would love to know where you’re lusting over so please comment then below.


Shelley xx

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