Turning 27 & Thoughts About The “Late Twenties”

turning 27 - me in pumpkin field holding pumpkin

To be completely honest I’ve never been one to care about birthdays.

I never really saw the big deal, maybe that’s because I have a small social circle or because my family were never big on them but its true. They just don’t matter that much to me.

On the other hand I am very blessed to have an October birthday, right towards the lead up to Halloween so I get to do all the festive things I love & it’s kinda nice these days when I think of it like that.

Now I’m turning 27 or well by the time this post goes live I am 27 it’s kinda nice to reflect upon all those years & look towards that “dreaded” 30 moment.

I guess I’m old now right? Well if you asked my teen self I’d definitely think 27 is old but now I’m pretty much wondering if I’m meant to have switched into full blown adult mode already?

The late twenties doesn’t seem so bad & I don’t really feel old. I’m not even dreading 30 cause I’ve heard such good things about it.

Once I passed that 21 mark getting old never really seemed like a big deal cause nothing really changed. It’s just something we worry about as teenagers really. Being old sounds so boring.

I guess it is a little boring. There’s bills to pay, jobs to go to… all those responsibilities we end up with!

But it’s also kinda nice being older & not feeling unsettled. Not caring what those idiot girls on the playground think or trying to be cool & liked.

I can honestly say over the years I’ve had many friends. I’ve met a lot of people who meant a great deal or where a fairly big chunk of my life & nowadays I have retained very few of them.

That’s the thing isn’t it; you just outgrow each other. Or you weren’t really compatible & you realise that. Or they turn out to be a right knobhead & you get rid.

Another thing that I’ve left in the past is drama. Ooooh the drama I use to have (not that I wanted it). Lord it was ridiculous & probably a result of our age & not having enough stuff to do. I’m so glad my life is now boring in that sense cause it’s so much nicer.

I guess I just learnt over the years not to feel pressured to be a certain person or like a certain thing or act certain way to be accepted.

I’m just me, doing what I like, how I like & with who I like.

I try new things & I’m not scared to admit when they aren’t for me.

I’m not scared to failure at things anymore cause it really doesn’t matter. I’ve failed plenty of times but I’m still here & I’m fine.

My life really hasn’t gone to plan; I don’t own a house, I still don’t drive, I’m not married & I do have a child but that’s okay cause my life is fab.

I still struggle & I still succeed.

I’m actually excited to be in my late twenties cause its just another period of my life to explore & see where it takes me.

I’m going to leave it there for today but I’d love to know your thoughts on getting older so let me know in the comments!

Shelley xx

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