Venus Bundle Review

Venus 1: Limecrime 

Venus 2: Limecrime 

(Bundle price: £31.47)

I know some of my readers may think I’m crazy for reviewing/advertising this brand but since they sorted out their website issues, I couldn’t resist purchasing the venus palettes. We all know I was lusting over the grunge palette for a long while and when they brought out the second palette I was happy I waited. Before Christmas I decided to purchase the bundle which saves you a lot of the seperate prices. They took a while to get here and their were a few issues but I’ll explain that later.

I do apologise for the varied lighting in all my images, us bloggers are definitely missing summer day with all that natural light. But as you can see the palettes aren’t the largest but they both have a good range of shades to choose from. The grunge palette is what it says in the name; deep reds and browns. The second palette has a wider range of colours to create a stand out look. They actually go so well today and I use colours from both palettes on a daily basis. The colours are super pigmented and a little goes a long way. Even though you get a small amount of each colour I can’t see them running out any time soon. The only negative I’ve found is the colours are rather powdery so they can’t get leave you with residue easily. 

As you can see the majority of the grunge colours are really rich and dark, however shell and aura are quite pale in comparison. At the moment I love creating looks with venus, divine and muse. Muse is definitely my favourite shade as it’s the perfect earthy red. I haven’t been able to find a shade to match it and it was the main reason I fell in love with the palette original. I know it looks rather dark in the image but the colour blend really well to create lighter looks. 

The second palette has a wider range with a lot of stand out colours. Fly is a really shimmery of white which creates a really nice base to any look. I’ve experimented with the more out there colours; marsh, mustard and jam, but tend to stick to more earthy tones. I can’t really wear filter or marsh when I have forever changing bright hair colours. The colours blend out really easily so you could definitely add them to a look to create something original. My favourite colour out of both palettes is mud, which seems rather boring but it’s the perfect deep brown. I would say if you blend a lot you may want to blend in between applications as it can fade rather easily with too much blending. The colours pigeon and boot are divine as they have such amazing tones. Pigeon is a metallic green/grey which creates a really stand out colour and boot is a black with beads of colour which add a blue tinge as well as white speckles. 

As I said above they did take a while to arrive but I purchased over the black Friday event so I couldn’t complain. I know the company has a slightly shady past which most people know of but I can happily announce my card details were not stolen. My money stayed safe and sound and their website has been improve to product their customers. The only issue I had was they sent me two of the same palettes originally so I sold one to a UK friend and ordered the other. I found it hard to get hold of their customer care at the time and hated waiting around so it worked for me. Ironically afterwards I got hold of someone on the site and they confirmed my order and gave me store credit. They were very apologetic and it wasn’t a huge inconvenience for me so it didn’t bother me too much.

I have to say I would definitely recommend these palettes as I love the dearly. I’ll also be posting an outfit post next week and be shooting some new outfits so don’t panic I won’t just be posting reviews this month!! Ohh and my hair is now grey; yes this will the year of constant change!! Oops!!

Shelley xx

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