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I haven’t blogged in a whole week which is super weird but I had just got back from my time in England last week so I had a million things to catch up on. Any how while I was home I did some minor shopping and picked up a few key pieces. I do apologise for the rubbish photos, life is currently hating on me!!

Blazer: New Look (£24.99)

Slogan tee: New Look (£7.99)

Turtle neck: New Look (£9.99)

I used to shop regliously at New Look during my teens. I loved all their peter pan collared shirts and tees but as of recent I’ve steered clear other than a few items. However recently they’ve really upped their game and I found a bunch of items I loved. In the end I only purchased this ironic tee, a turtle neck tee which I adore and a simple blazer. Their blazers are always great and I’m loving this one so far.

 Heels: New Look (£22.99)

You probably recognise these from a few of my outfit posts but they are different I promise!! My old ones were a size too big so even though they looked great I was wary of wearing them out. Luckily I sold them and New Look had brought out this newer version. In this case they have a silver buckle which I prefer for sure and the mesh is connected at the front rather than being one whole piece. They seem a lot more sturdy. I’m guessing they were a big hit considering they brought these out!!

Dungarees: H&M (£29.99)

Who doesn’t love dungarees? Well I’ve been dying for a skinny black pair and H&M fulfilled my need. It’s great because their sizing wasn’t off for once. So you can definitely order online without worrying they’ll be a million times smaller. I’ve been living in these and they are super durable and comfortable.

Triangles 1): Primark (£3)

Set: Primark (£3)

Triangles 2): Primark (£3)

I actually purchased these yesterday whilst in Swansea. I never really purchase jewellery from Primark but these were too good to say No. I love the details in turquoise triangles and the dainty nature. The grey triangles are perfect for plain outfits and the layered pieces will give a plain tee an eye catching element. I’m just hoping their quality has improved!!

Sorry for the quick post but I’m super busy at the moment. However I am back to blogging my usual 2/3 times a week!!

Shelley xx

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