A Day At Water Break Its Neck

A day at water break its neck - me at the waterfall If you don’t already know waterfalls are my happy place & I know how weird that probably sounds but its true. I love being surrounded by water & exploring new falls is one of my favourite things. It’s part of the reason I loved living in Wales so much; you are only a drive away from nature. When we read about water break its neck in the guide provided by our hosts it was penned into our diary straight away.  Snow was not going to stop me!A day at water break its neck - waterfall & icicle closeup A day at water break its neck - waterfall trail A day at water break its neck - Jacob in snow

The waterfall was actually really close to our cottage which was lush because driving around in a merc in the country isn’t the best. Yes Jacob’s car is the most comfortable I’ve ever been in & yes I love my heated seat but we looked like a right pair of idiots driving around in the snow. A land rover is definitely a more suitable option for country folk.

Once we managed to park up in the snow, we decided to take the uphill path & after being lazy for so many days it’s safe to say I nearly died. Clearly I needed more exercise in my life by that stage. Nevertheless we made it up the trail to the top of the falls & well lets just say I was a little confused. Where was the waterfall? Why had we taken the longest & most difficult route?

Well…. let’s just say the downhill trail was even more fun.

A day at water break its neck - outfit image in snow A day at water break its neck - snow surrounding waterfall view A day at water break its neck - selfie on trail

Okay I’ve made it sound terrible when it was actually really fun! We didn’t stop laughing the whole trek down. Mainly because we both nearly fell to our deaths multiple times. Who knew nearly dying could be so fun?  

The whole trek down to the actual falls was just us sliding from tree to tree & saving each other from slipping. Luckily we had our wellies on because surprisingly the snow was still pretty deep & well we were off to a waterfall… course wellies are the only footwear suitable.

The best bit of this journey downhill… I got bear hugged by a farmer’s dog. Yes bear hugged by a huge dog. It was beauts, a little scary but a perfect moment. I have to admit I was slightly worried he was going to push me down the hill & I did get tonnes of mud down me but who wouldn’t want to get bear hugged by a cute asf dog?

A day at water break its neck - waterfall front view A day at water break its neck - climbing the falls A day at water break its neck - selfie at stream

When we finally made it to the bottom of the trail you never guess what we discovered….. we never needed to take that long ass trail in the first place. Yep we took the long route but luckily we had so much fun we didn’t care. All we had to do was walk the opposite way from the car & we would have been at the base of the falls.

Now we were actually near water we headed towards the falls & along the way I got lots of cute photos. I was in & out of the stream like no tomorrow. I looked like a big kid & well my wellies came in handy. I may have nearly fallen once or twice exploring but it was so worth it.

So we finally made it to water break its neck & I have never been more glad to own wellies. I was all for the photo opps & just acting like a big kid in the water. Sometimes fashion takes the back seat & I opt for practicality over style!

A day at water break its neck - Jacob at waterfall A day at water break its neck - proposal slate A day at water break its neck - climbing the waterfall

It was awesome & utterly beautiful! You could get so close to the falls if you aren’t worried about slipping & of course I was climbing about like a numpty. I can’t explain how happy waterfalls make me but I never feel more at peace that surrounded by them. It’s just my favourite thing.

The cutest thing we saw on our way back to the care was the proposal slate written by a couple who had stayed at our cottage prior. They had left a message in the guest book about getting engaged to when I saw it I had to take a photo. There were so many slates where people had left messages & Jacob even carved us one.

It was the most perfect day & I would love to revisit at some point. If you’re in the ever I would highly recommend you popping down. Maybe take the flat trail if you aren’t feeling climbing about like numpties. Writing all these posts is making my travel lust reach breaking point. Bring on May & the travels it brings!!

Shelley xx

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