I Took A Weekend Off Blogging & Here’s What I Discovered…

Weekend off blogging - latte with heart foam

I’m kicking it a little old school with this post; the pictures are perfectly polished or edited & well it sums up my very relaxed non bloggy weekend (is that a word???). I actually took the weekend off pretty much everything; I left all my worries & responsibilites behind when I left worked & I thought bugger it I’m going to do whatever I want. Turns out I had one of the best weekends on record & y’no what? I didn’t really do anything other than relax. It was just what I needed & well here’s a few things I discovered along the way.

Weekend off blogging - headshot edited

I discovered a new app I love

Hence why these photos all look pretty retro instead of my polished usual lot. I didn’t take any blog photos this weekend & bar editing a few; yes I have to be honest I did do a spot of editing (can 3 hours be considered a spot?) on Saturday but I was working a very boring Saturday shift so I thought I may as well get something done.

Back to the fabulous new app everyone is using & I’m obsessed with; Huji. It’s one of those handy apps that makes you feel like you’re taking an old school disposable photo & it does it’s only editing to reflect that. Safe to say my Instagram is full of overly edited photos but I’m blooming loving it! Download it & give it a try; I swear you’ll obsessed soon enough & may even pay 99p to be edit your camera roll too.

Weekend off blogging - flowering catcus close up

You should always say yes to last minute cocktails

Okay I’m not a big drinker, mainly because drinking just doesn’t mix with my disorder but I do love a good cocktail. I just like alcoholic drinks that don’t taste like alcohol. What can I say I’m partial to a passionfruit mojito. Last minute plans are definitely not my thing & if I hadn’t just washed my hair that afternoon chances are it would have been a big no but I finished my movie, put my face on & off I went.

Granted there was a moment of panic when I couldn’t fit into any of my jeans because the bloat was strong but I sucked it in & decided not to breathe for the rest of the night. Girl gotta do what a girl gotta do.

Turns out last minute cocktails is fab especially when the company is beautiful (yes to catch ups with Caity) & well one or two cocktails doesn’t hurt. I even discovered a gin based drink I liked. Maybe I can be on trend now…. 

Weekend off blogging - drinks collage; cocktails & coffeesI should go for breakfast dates more often

My Sunday was pretty lovely; I may have had a it’s that time of the month tantrum but we’re going to pretend I wasn’t a moody morning person! Breakfast or shall I say brunch (by the time we left the house) dates are definitely a good idea. I’m all for going out for dinners but I think brunch may have topped that.

It was lovely to try out a new cafe in town & well the tea was delicious & they had lots of vegan options (even if I did cheat a little). It was nice to get out for an hour; have some lunch, a few cups of tea & a natter. Plus we popped to a book shop afterwards so it just perfect.

Weekend off blogging - Jacob edit

Moana is definitely worth the hype

Okay I know I’m late on the bandwagon that is Moana but neither Jacob or I really fancied it. On Saturday we decided to give it a go. The result…. Jacob & I am obsessed. We both love it & we kind of both had to agree that we can’t go home & watch it again on Sunday. No that’s way too soon right? We ended up watching Trolls which I also adore so it’s safe to say we had a weekend full of fabulous movies!

Weekend off blogging - tea pot, milk jug & orange juices

You feel more motivated after a break away

We all know I’m fully open when it comes to mental health & blogging. I’m the first to put my hands up when I’m having a wobble & needing a break. I’m pretty sure that my regular job has knocked all the motivation out of me because I’ve been feeling extra lazy on my weekends & well blogging took a backseat.

The weekend in question I really should have been preparing a blog post & emailing a few people but I really didn’t want to. Turns out taking a weekend off isn’t a bad thing & well this isn’t my full time job so I don’t have that pressure. I need to give myself a break & without doing real life things what do I have to blog about?

Weekend off blogging - headshot collageOkay guys that’s enough rambling but I’m feeling rather happy after my relaxed weekend. I’m off to see Sarah Millican this evening & I couldn’t be more excited! It’s lovely to be feeling uber motivated again; it’s been a long time coming.

Ooh & while we’re jumping on bandwagons I’ve joined that new app Vero which is meant to be the new “Insta” so if you’d like to check it out or follow me search bybusby. I’m not too sure what I’m going on it either but it looks pretty cool.

Shelley xx

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