Welsh Haul

I recently went to stay with my boyfriend in Wales and had a fabulous time. On a couple of days I picked up some goodies so I thought I’d make a haul post incorporating all the items. If you would like me to make a personal post on my adventures please comment and I shall later in the week. I’ve been spoiled rotten this week so click read more to see all the items.

Amethyst: £14

Opal necklace: £5

The first purchases were at Dan-yr-ogof caves which is a little park with multiple attractions. It has three main caves to venture in to and other bits and bobs like dinosaur models and a farm. I got these goodies from the gift shop. I’ve always wanted a chunk of raw amethyst as its a perfect crystal; so beautiful and has lots of healing properties. I thought £14 was rather a bargain considering the size so had to treat myself. My boyfriend also got me this cute necklace as a gift and I love it soo much. Super cute and versatile.

T-shirt: River Island (£16)

Skort: New Look (£10)

 Tops: Topshop (£10)

Me and Kane ended up in Cardiff for Mcbusted (yes it was amazing) so we decided to do some shopping and go for dinner before the concert. I only grabbed a few bits and bobs because I really haven’t been in a shopping mood recently. I bought this pun t-shirt because it caught my eye. It’s pretty casual compared to most of my clothes so its great for lounging and work. I also finally got some skorts which I have been searching for. I grabbed these monochrome ones as they were on sale and I do love them. I really need more plain bottoms since all my clothes seem to clash at the moment. I also grabbed a couple of basic vest tops from Topshop to go with my shorts and all my other patterned bottoms I seem to have acquired.

Mac (at Debenhams): £37.50 (all items)

Left to right: Rebel, Heroin, Lovelorn (Link)

So I’ve been saving money for a few Mac goodies for a while but Kane wouldn’t allow me to pay as he wanted to treat me. I’m so lucky its unreal. I did buy him some new tees tho :). When I was purchasing the lady said there was an offer on lip products which meant in total we saved £20. I wasn’t paying enough attention to fully understand it but if you bought one product you got another for cheaper. I wanted to get some new shades which were quite bold and an everyday lippy too. I also got a primer because my lips seem to get rather dry and make my lipstick look patchy and it’s working a treat. I will make a post on my Mac products soon. 

 McBusted tour tee: £20

Kane also treated me to a Mcbusted tour tee which is fab as the concert was so amazing. Wish I could repeat that night. Feel free to check out my instagram for some photos from the night 

 Dress: Miss Selfridge (£45)

I also got this beautiful dress the following day. I barely wear white so it’s a change but it’s so stunning I had to get it. I love the collar detail with the attached necklace. Need somewhere lovely to wear it now. 

Waist training corset: Amazon (£29.99)

This arrived this morning so I thought I’d include it in the post. Who knew lacing a corset could be so difficult. I am hoping to pull my waist in to gain some more curves. I’m happy to make a post later on when I see a difference so comment if you would like to read it. 

Sorry for the lengthy post but I thought I’d share my welsh goodies with you guys. 

Shelley xx

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