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we've moved - jacob & I in gardenIf you guys haven’t noticed I’ve been a rubbish on the blogging front & that’s because we’ve moved homes. Towards July we’ve been planning to move back to Wales & at the end of July we finally moved. It has meant my life is pretty damn crazy but we now have a place to call our home. I just wanted to pop a little update for you guys because I’ve pretty much fallen out of blogger mode & really want to jump back into it!

we've moved - bedside table; lamp, mug & retro mini radio we've moved- cacti ornaments on fireplace with cheese plant leaves

So what’s new? Well moving from England to Wales also means I’ve moved pharmacy branches & well its definitely different. I’ve gone from working in a small pharmacy to a hub which process trays & works with care homes so it’s a lot more work. On the other hand it’s meant I’m learning new skills which is always nice.

Other than actually moving house & moving branches nothing else is really different. Life is pretty much the same exact is a new location. I am more tired after work hence the lack of blogging & well my weekends are spent unpacking & building new furniture. Turns out moving is tonnes more work than you’d expect. We’ve had to buy so much furniture to fill the rooms that we’re a bit swamped with tasks to do.

we've moved - jacob & I in kitchen we've moved - selection of plants

Our home is a cute two bed bungalow with a newly renovated kitchen, a reception room & a bathroom that needs more work. I’m not gonna lie I was a little bit unhappy when I first viewed the house because it was magnolia & tbh there are things that could have been done better renovation wise but all around it is pretty fab. We’ve (I say we but in reality Jacob’s sister & family) painted every wall white so it’s brighter & more modern. Plus we have a marble fireplace which the blogger in me is very excited about.

Of course I’m filling the space with lots of plants & I could finally buy a cheese plant! There’s five whole rooms I can now fill with greenery & cacti so I’m pretty excited for that. We ended up buying a lot of things from Ikea (duh where else) but are still on the hunt for some key pieces. Turns out moving house is damn expensive just incase you’re debating it right now.

we've moved- cheese plant leaves we've moved - Jacob & I in front of house

We’re still in the process off getting things ready but of course I’ve been spoiling myself to beaut decor. Right now our bedroom is pretty much done except for prints & we’re slowly unpacking my clothes. It’s gonna take a while but hey it means I can create some interior content too.

I really want to get back in blogger mode so I’m hoping this weekend I can set aside a day (or even half) just to write this months content. I just need time & motivation. Plus I’m thinking a little redesign is in order so keep an eye out for that. Okay I’m gonna stop rambling now but before I leave you to get back to your scrolling has anyone tested out the Gutenberg update? If so please let me know if I should & if I’m gonna end up freaking out, wishing I hadn’t????????

Shelley xx

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