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Okay guys so I’ve pretty much been putting out some heavier content recently which definitely needs a cuppa to accompany your read. I wanted to take a step back from the lifestyle content & write something a little lighter & more fun of course so here’s a few of my Netflix recommendations. Nice, simple, easy & well if you haven’t already watched them pretty binge worthy!

Stranger things 

I pretty sure most of you have already watched this but if you have been living under a rock or y’no internet detoxing then you need to catch up. Set in the 80’s (sounds awesome already right?) it follows the disappearance of Will who has been taken into the upside down world which is some creepy parallel universe. It has some familiar faces such a Winona Ryder & some new young actors which are amazing. You follow his best friends who discover Eleven (a lost girl with supernatural gifts) & are trying to figure out what has happened to Will alongside Jim Hopper who is the cop also trying to figure out the case. It has a really creepy supernatural feel to it & the 80’s setting just brings it alive. There’s so many plots that keep you drawn in that you’ll quite easily binge it in one weekend, plus series two is out so there’s even more to watch. It’s gained so many viewers that you know it has to be good.

Forensic files

Okay this may be a weird one for some but I love crime documentaries & well this has tonnes of episodes. Each episodes follows a true crime case which has been closed because of forensic evidence. It’s a really easy watch & there’s so many types of crimes shown it keeps you interested. Yes it’s a little old school & some of the reenactments aren’t the best but I really like it. It’s a really good option for those who love true crime & want something to binge on.

The sinner

This is slightly more recent but has also become really popular. Netflix are doing a great job with their originals & I’m loving the thrillers especially. Who would have guessed..???  This is also a crime thriller kinda programme which follows Cora’s very public act of violence. It seems to come out of nowhere but as you continue watching you find out soo many new bits of information that explains the event that took place. From the protagonists lack of memory to the Detective Ambrose’s obsession with the case it has you hooked. The twist is really great which makes it all worth it.

Netflix recommendations - tablet & book flatlay

Real detective 

Ohh look another crime documentary series but trust me this is a must watch. Real detective as you can imagine follows the story of true crimes retold by the detectives who investigated the case. It’s one of those programmes where you feel emotional throughout because you can see the dedication & turmoil in the detectives. It makes you realise that these crimes not only affect the families of the victim but also the people investigating them. It gives you a whole new respect for those in that field of work.


Okay maybe I’m going a little overboard with the crime programmes but I just love watching them. I promise I watch regular TV too & I’m not a psychopath in waiting. Mindhunter is a new Netflix original & it’s based on criminal profiling. It’s a book adaption so it is based on real events. It follows FBI agents Ford & Tench on their journey to developing a serial killer profile database. I think it’s a really easy watch & they interview high profile killer that are well known; if you are a crime fanatic like me anyhow! You can really see the characters developing & it keeps you interested to know more not only about the killers but about the agents too.

Confession tapes 

To finish with it’s another true crime programme but it’s a little different don’t worry. Confession tapes is basically what you can guess from the name; confession tapes from people who have been convicted wrongly. Each episodes follows one crime & really delves into how the confession was constructed & the methods police use to coax people into confessing. It really makes you question how you view criminals & how easily manipulated people can be. You’d pretty much think you’d never confess if you were innocent but after watching this series you might think differently.

So there we have it; a few Netflix recommendations! Hopefully you haven’t binged them all already & there’s a few to check out. If you have any that you think I’d like based on this list please let me know in the comments. If you would also like to read my previous Netflix post click here

Shelley xx

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