What’s On My Wishlist For February

Remember those old school polyvore wishlist collages we used to always do; they were so easy to get done without worrying about photos. Well my wishlist for February is a little different. I’m not one to be spending loads & well my wants are a little different these days. I know its a huge change from a few years back but this month I do have a few “wishes” for February so why not do a good old wishlist post.

wishlist for February - converse close upSkincare

First things first February will be the month that I sort out my skincare; I’ve got a bunch of good products but I want to add to it & then organise my routine. I’m aiming to purchase a few Liz Earle products that are built for combination skin. I really like their website because it gives clear information about the products & well I’ve heard such good things about the products themselves I can’t resist.

I also want to pick up a few products from the ordinary; as I’ve heard soo many good things that I think it’s about time I gave it a go. I’m not too sure what items to opt for so a bit of research may be in order to actually get the right products for my skin. Also along the beauty route I may treat myself to a Pixi product or two because they look divine & well the reviews are good.

Wishlist for February - converse from aboveMake-up Brushes

Okay guys I’m going to admit something gross; I’m pretty damn lazy when it comes to cleaning my brushes. Straight up I know its wrong & what’s the point of good skincare if I’m putting all that bacteria on my face but I’m lazy. This is one thing I’m going to change this month by implementing a cleaning schedule!


This month I would like to pay off the last bit of my holidays. I’ve sorted Dublin & now it’s paying off our cottage break in Wales. I’d also like to be hella prepared before going away in march so I can do a good old detox like I’m planning. I want to have march’s  blog content sorted so when I’m away I can finally get to all those behind the scenes tasks I’ve been putting to oneside. Oooh & relax because y’no I’m on holiday!

Wishlist for February - converse closeupShopping

Materialistically I’d like to get some mustard coloured converse. I’ll probably go the depop route because my black ones were from a vintage fair & they are holding up fine. I haven’t really thought about shopping in a long time but I think a nice colourful pair of converse would brighten up my wardrobe & get a decent amount of us.

Get out & about

Lastly I really want to get out more this month, January was just too cold but I really need that fresh air. Even a short walk around Virginia water will suffice. I’ve been hella lazy or busy recently & I need something to help me unwind. I want a day or two to just do something that doesn’t revolve around blogging or work.

Wishlist for February - converse in motion closeupGranted February is the shortest month so some of these may overlap into March but it’s nice to have a few things on a list I’d like to achieve. Have you got any “wishes” or goals for this month? Ohh & if you have any product recommendations or blog posts about the ordinary range please send them my way!

Shelley xx

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Wishlist for February

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