What’s Really On My Christmas List

This post contains affiliate links.what's really on my Christmas list - me with Christmas treeHow the hell is Christmas just around the corner? Like honestly; I am not prepared as per usual & I’m running out of time. I’m squeezing everything into tiny pockets of time & praying it works out. I’m hoping by the time this post goes live we’ll have our Christmas tree up at least.

Either way I thought I’d put my very adult Christmas list out into the world because as I’m getting older it’s getting harder to make a list for family & friends that doesn’t look boring as hell. Gone are the days where I’d want the the IT thing & now I just want functional things.

As ungrateful as this may sound (which isn’t the case) I can’t deal with stocking filler goods or pointless presents because I end up leaving them in my storage room untouched. It’s a waste of product, money & well plastic usually. I really see Christmas as a time to buy for your loved ones not everyone in your life so unless I know someone really well I shouldn’t be getting them a gift just for the sake of it.

You get me?

I totally understand its the thought that counts but Christmas is very much a time for consumerism & well I’m kinda over it.

Lord I sound so old & boring don’t I? But hey that’s my opinion & I’m standing by it.

Okay so let’s get real here what does a 26 year old new mum put on her Christmas list?

A hoover

Okay lets start off with the boring one shall we? I & well I mean we really need a new snazzy hoover for obvious reasons. Our home is just a dust magnet & I’m so tired of it. Just picture me on Christmas Day having a deep clean with my new hoover & feeling fab!

Punch needle workshop

I found a new craft I like & I would love to go to a workshop with an expert so I can ask all the questions & learn first hand. Yes I am that person who loves a craft workshop. I’ve found the perfect class & I’ve hinted a lot so hopefully in January I’ll be punching away in Bristol.

Bath bombs

One thing I do love is a good bath. It’s my way of getting away from motherhood for a short period & well its toasty. I’ve been trying a few new companies & I’ve found some really lush ones (excuse the pun). I already have way too many bath bombs but I want more!

Saturday by Megan Ellaby jumper

By the looks of social media Megan has been planning a new range of jumpers for her brand Saturday & well it’s going straight on my Christmas list. I haven’t even seen the range but I know I’m gonna love it. I already own two jumpers & I wear them to death. Edit: they have seen be released so of course I now need this one!

A great frog ring

Okay this is a long shot because their rings are expensive but I have been lusting over their products forever. I’m off to London again soon so I’m gonna pop in & get sized for a few of my favourites. I’m not going to lie this is probably a treat yourself kinda present & I’m so ready to splurge.

A nail voucher

One thing I do regularly is get my nails done. Looking after my nails is very important to me & it’s my monthly treat. An easy present for me would be a voucher for my nail tech. I’d definitely use that present in a second. If your partner or friend loves getting their nails done honestly a voucher is the perfect stocking filler.

A boots voucher

Boots have been killing it with the new brands they’ve been bringing in & even though right now there’s nothing on my Wishlist list there will be bits at some point. Plus they do fab baby stuff so if I don’t have perfume or makeup to buy I can get Jasper something lush.

Yarn, wool & all the craft supplies

If you didn’t know already I have started creating handmade accessories again & I blooming love it. What I don’t love is having ideas & not the supplies to create them. We all know I’m super impulsive so it’s such a bug bear of mine to not be able to do something instantly. Honestly right now if I could have a room full of supplies I could die happy!

So yes that’s a peak at my Christmas list for 2019 & I can’t lie it was a little tough to gather a bunch of things. I’m that terrible person who buys what they want when they want it or changes their mind swiftly. I find shopping for myself so tedious these days & I just love shopping for Jasper so it’s a little weird forming a list just for me.

I’d love to know your thoughts on gift giving at Christmas & one thing that’s on your Christmas list.

Shelley xx

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