Where Have I been??

Oh look I’ve taken yet another break from blogging; even though I have good reason I always feel bad for letting it slip out of my routine. So where have I actually been? Well unfortunately I haven’t been in Turkey, but I have been working my butt off & altering my routine. I’m finally qualified & finished college for the time being. I’m slowly trying to work out if I’ll be back in college for my level 3 or slowly in the salon which I now work with. I’m also moving!! Yes; Kane & I are finally flying the nest & we have found the cutest apartment to start our new chapter. It’s all very exciting & of course busy but I’ve got my holiday posts lined up to go and I’ve planned a new shoot when I’ve got a sec. I’ll most likely be moving on from solely outfits to more lifestyle posts. I can’t wait to have a free day to write up a few posts for you lot. As for now I’m going to love you and leave you!! I’ll hopefully be back in a week or two!!


Shelley xx

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