Why I Can Be A Rubbish blogger At Times

Rubbish blogger - outfit closeup

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Don’t we all feel like a rubbish blogger at times? Damn blogging guilt is definitely a real thing & it can come from both us & the community. You know that moment when you see a fellow blogger publish an unreal post with beautiful pictures & flawless writing & you think damn I haven’t even got next weeks content done. Or that moment when you’re scrolling twitter & there’s yet another “omg I just received the most exciting email” tweet for the millionth time when you’re sat there with an email full of bank offers or SEO emails!

I am a sucker for comparing myself to those in the community. I have been blogging for blooming years but I’m still not at a place where I feel I’ve got this whole blogging thing down. I have so much I could improve but y’no need the time & the energy for it.

I thought I’d make a little post to give you a few reasons why I can be a rubbish blogger so we can finally see content based on the reality of blogger life. Trust me I’m not a polished blogger over here & neither do you need to be!

Rubbish blogger - full outfit; jumpsuit & sandals

What makes me a rubbish blogger


Let’s just crack on with the nitty gritty shall we? Well seo is a big thing for bloggers & I think I kinda get it enough to make my posts work but in reality I don’t actually understand it completely. I’m hopefully not the only one feeling this way but hey we’ve got yoast right! I make sure my posts hit the green marker & that’s about as much as I do. I probably should set a day aside to go through back links & wotnot but it’s just not something I fancy doing atm. I really wanna hit 20 in the DA front but without actually doing the backlog of tasks I have that’s probably not gonna happen right now.


Omg I probably need a PA or something because emails aren’t my thing. I prefer to set a day aside every week just to get back to emails because after an 8hr shift I just don’t fancy it. It’s not like my emails are heaving or anything; there’s tonnes of spammy seo  emails & such but I’m still pretty rubbish at working my way through them. I want to ensure my replies are professionally & polished so the only way I can do that is replying on the weekend when I’ve set time aside. Plus I haven’t been pitching even though I’ve made a list of companies I really should reach out to. Rubbish blogger over here! I would love to branch out to doing more sponsored content but I have the fear of being rejected.

Scheduling content

This one comes in two halves because one is about actually writing & scheduling content but then on the other half is about promoting said content. I had got in such a routine with blogging at the beginning of the year & I felt like I was bossing it. Then I slipped off the map with all the moving & work situation which meant I lost my mojo. I am currently in the flow of writing & scheduling at the weekend ready for the next week.

Ah when it comes to shouting about my content I have slipped right off the map because I am completely rubbish right now. I just don’t find the time to do it. It takes blooming 20 minutes to fill my buffer queue but I just don’t do it. If that doesn’t make a rubbish blogger plus lazy then I don’t know what does!

Rubbish blogger - outfit close up side view

Pinterest graphics

Oh the joys of Pinterest. There are bloggers out there killing it; gaining tonnes of views but I haven’t cracked it. I like pinterest for inspo & home decor but when it comes to blogging I just haven’t invested myself enough. I have a backlog of content I need to create graphics for. You don’t see it cause I make all my graphics hidden but if you head to my blog board you’ll see where I left off.

Writing style

This is the one that bugs me the most. I feel like such a rubbish blogger because I don’t feel I’ve carved my own voice in this huge blogosphere. I’m enjoying experimenting with my writing style but I really don’t know if I’ve defined myself enough. This post makes me feel really good because I feel my intro has got a lot of my personality in it but then others not so much. Sometimes I feel I have to rewrite whole posts so they sound more like me but what the hell do I really sound like? Please tell me if you relate to this one because it’s a big deal for me!

Rubbish blogger - outfit closeup jumpsuit & sunglasses

Sunglasses: Download | Jumpsuit: Newlook | Sandals: Dr Martens

I’m really feeling this whole chatty blogging style at the moment & I hope you enjoy reading it. In a world of comparing ourselves I feel like the blogosphere is full of it which can make us feel real shitty. I’m never gonna be a polished blogger & maybe sometimes I am a rubbish blogger but I think we all are at times to.

It’s time to break the stigma surrounding blogging & just admit that we aren’t all fabulous bloggers with a pinterest worthy home, flawless Insta feed & a brain bursting with content ideas. I’ve still got a lot to learn & I’ll continue to stay honest with you guys. Let me know what one thing makes you feel like a rubbish blogger!

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