Why I Won’t Be Going Full Time This Year…

Not going full time - blogosphere, Olympus & diary's flatlayIsn’t everyone aiming to go or going full time with blogging this year? Well it does seem like it; at least when you scroll down your twitter feed. It’s fabulous to see people striving to take something that some people deem a hobby & create a career out of it but I won’t be one of them. I don’t see myself as one of them at least.

I probably don’t sound very motivated by admitting that but in reality it’s just not one of my aims for ByBusby. Maybe in the future it will be on my to do list but as of right now it’s not one of my blogging goals.

I’m happy with keeping it as my side project; something that I enjoy & that gives me a break from my everyday life. I’m heavily invested in this blog but I have a few steps to take before I can really add full time to my list of goals & really make it achievable.

Anyhow enough of my rambling & here’s a few reasons why going full time isn’t in my foreseeable future…

Not going full time - blogosphere, Olympus, phone & diary's flatlayI have a lot to learn

I may have been blogging for a few years but I haven’t really invested in it fully. That was up until march 2017 when I upped the ante & really spent time making ByBusby something to be proud. It’s paid of & I can finally say I’m happy with my blog as a whole. I have a schedule & I feel inspired to keep creating content.

On the other hand I have a lot to learn especially when it comes to moving my blog towards full time. I need to research a lot about earning money from blogging & that’s a goal I’ve set myself for 2018. It’s a lot more achievable than aiming to actually go full time.

I need to get to a place where I understand more about the background side of blogging & am earning enough that I can see the risk paying off. Don’t we all just worry about the bring in the funds?

I’m aiming to buy a house soon

This may sounds like an odd reason but in reality it’s not. Going self employed changes things & that’s not me saying it’s impossible to get a mortgage but it can make it harder. Right now I’m in a place where I can save X amount a month & it’s building quite nicely. I feel comfortable & I know I need to take more risks but right now I’m focused on moving out.

My finances are stable so I don’t want to take a risk that could jeopardise the progress I’ve made. Plus I know mortgage approval is slightly different when you’re self employed & I’m not going to lie; I would rather make it as easy as possible for myself.

Who knows this time next year I could be at a place where blogging equals or tops my current wage but for now that’s not the case.

Not going full time - blogosphere, Olympus, phone & diary's flatlayIt can get lonely

We all know blogging can be a little lonely, no matter if you’re full time or not. Working on the internet was never going to be the most sociable job in the world & I’m already not the best at being social. I’m not saying I’m a complete hermit but I do like to be lazy when I’m not in work & seeing people isn’t always a top priority of mine.

That being said I’m a little worried of how lonely blogging full time would be. I mainly enjoy working purely for the people you meet along the way. I’ve always been blessed to make amazing friends from my workplaces & I love that you can meet people from all walks of life just by going to work.

I think that’s the one thing about working for someone else I would miss. I know I’m not the kind of person who makes friends on a whim & as much as I love having internet friends sometimes you need someone in real life to keep you company.

The pressure

Okay we all know blogging comes with a lot of pressure. Sometimes from outsiders but usually from ourselves. I can quite easily say that if I went full time in the next few months I would explode from pressure. I’m still learning how to take a step back & take things slow.

Like all of us I beat myself up about the smallest things & I’m constantly feeling like I need to do more. Right now I’ve got to a stage where I think I’ve got the balance sorted. I am ahead of schedule & yet I’m inspired more than ever. On the other hand I know that the more under pressure I feel the less creative I am & it becomes a cycle of worry & frustration.

I need more space & time

You’re all probably screaming duh at me right now because I’m fully aware going full time will give me all the time I need to get blogging effectively. It’s obvious & I know it but right now I can’t warrant much more time. Luckily I’ve been blogging at work since we’re hella dead & that’s given me the opportunity to get writing & be prepared (I know very luckily aren’t I) 

The main thing I need to adjust is space. I currently live at home & have one room to store everything & blog from. It’s not easy & I’m making it work right now but I’m dying for some white walls & pretty decor. I know neither of those things are necessary for blogging but they do make life a lot easier.

Once I move out I can definitely see my blog photography improving & my creativity flowing a lot better.

Not going full time - blogosphere, Olympus & diary's flatlayThere’s a couple of the reasons I have for not going full time this year! I’m loving seeing people writing about their journeys to freelancing & such but that’s just not me right now. Give me a year of actually investing properly into my blog & I’ll probably be at that stage.

I’ve got a photography lesson coming up & I’m looking into courses for affiliate links. I’m so excited to educate myself more about the other side of blogging & it’s got me pumped about blogging again. I’ve definitely got my mojo back so I can’t wait to see what content I produce over the next few months. With that being said I’ll leave you with a question.. are you full time blogging & if not is that one of your goals for this year?

Shelley xx

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