Why I’ve Stopped Sharing My To Do List On Social Media

to do list text & #onethingonmytodolistEverybody I follow seems to love a list; especially a to do list & well they also love to share it too. I’m not judging anyone because until recently I used to share my daily to-do lists on Insta stories too. That was until I had a mini meltdown recently & just felt like a complete failure that I couldn’t achieve what everyone else seemed to be able to do.

It made me feel ridiculously terrible & I decided to visit my parents for a few days to get out of my house & out of my own head. I just couldn’t fathom how all these other mums could look after their babies, do the washing, tidy the house & everything else they had added to their to-do list. They weren’t short lists either & they were daily.

Here was me sat in my pjs for the fourth day running, with my hair in the same icky mum bun worrying how I was gonna juggle parenting Jasper & tidying away the washing. The same washing I had been trying to sort out for the past few days. Lovely hey!

Basically I was in a bit of a mess. Not feeling fab about myself & well I had soo many tasks in my head that I didn’t even know where to start.

Honestly I’m not bashing anyone who shares their to-do list because I know how productive it can make you feel & sometimes it pushes you to do those things. Lists are blooming fabulous & I’ll still use them but I’m no longer sharing them on Insta.

I think we already feel enough pressure from social media to be a certain way & sometimes seeing everyone’s to-do lists just pile even more pressure ontop.

When you aren’t having a good day already the last thing you need is to see other people bossing it & being fabulous. It’s great for them but then you feel like the laziest idiot in the world & as much as you say I’m leaving social media for the day you still peak.

I have decided that I don’t want anyone to ever feel as poop as I did by seeing me posting about what I’m up to.

When I am having a productive day (which is very rare) trust me it isn’t smooth sailing but you don’t get to see me nearly tearing my hair out. All you see is me ticking another item of the list.

So… I’m saying bye bye to the Insta to do list & instead I’m sharing one thing on my list today when I feel like sharing that productivity.

No endless lists of a million tasks, just the one. That could be one of many or just one thing but nobody needs to know that.

I’ll still be being productive but no Insta bragging from me!

Like today’s one thing on my to do list was to finish formatting some blog posts which I kinda did & then I ended up writing this as well. It was the one thing I wanted to do because I was off out for the rest of the day but it could have been the number one task of ten.

I just want to take the pressure to be productive out of my feed & hopefully my followers appreciate it too.

Even if its just something I do for me I still think its worth it.

Shelley xx

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    • I’m the same I live for lists but I think it can be one of those things kept personal! thank you for commenting